Sounds Of Silence From Youth

There is an amazing lack of noise from those under the age of 35 regarding America’s political situation. Decisions are currently being made and will for the coming months that will decide America’s future for at least twenty years but the lack of interest is simply amazing. At this very moment Congress is debating whether or not to retain the 3.2% student loan rate, but there are no demonstrations, no public outcry, simply indifference. One is left with the feeling that those under 35 are more interested in what a friend ate for dinner which was described in great detail on Facebook.

If Mitt Romney wins in November he will appoint at least one new Supreme Court justice which threatens abortion rights. Mitt will continue dismantling Social Security, he will double the size of our national debt and end programs dealing with child care or early education, but none of these  issues are discussed on Facebook nor is there any national student movement.

It is quite clear these days are not for social action unless it deals with  some new celebrity or new movie or  a new phone. The sounds of political indifference are deafening.