Sounds Of Silence In North Korea

The North Korean government is presently engaged in tearing down anti-American posters that line the streets of Pyongyang in preparation for the New York Philharmonic’s unprecedented visit. Muscicians preparing for the strip that that begins today hoped their personal contacts with North Koreans will aid in the effort to reduce hatred in the country toward the United States. But, some are worried that tomorrow evening’s performance will somehow be used to further propaganda efforts by the North Korean leaders. However, the government has promised the largest possible audience will be able to hear the concerts.

Philharonic musicians will also hold master classes for North Korean students and play chamger music with members of the North’s State Symphony Orchestra. Among members of the American touring group will be eight ethnic Koreans. A few musicians expressed concern their presence will only be known to the elite portion of North Korea while average citizens will not be in attendance. It is not known if North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, will attend any performances.

Sometimes in life one takes what one can get. A good evening of music with Americans is better than the silence of nonstop hate generated by the North Korean government toward the United States.