Sounds Of The Sixties In Modern France?

The Sixties in France was a scene of protesting young people who were angry at war in Vietnam and the uncertainties of dealing with the Cold War in Europe. They demanded creation of a new society in which there was equity. At this moment, hundreds of thousands of French people are protesting in the streets in demonstrations that are expected to attract at least a million people. They are angry at closing of factories and extensive job cuts which have followed the financial crisis that began in America. Jean-Claude Maillyu, head of the large Force Ouvriere Union, believes the protestors “have a profound sense of social injustice, and that, I think, is something that neither the government nor the employers have understood.”

Perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of a reaction against unbridled capitalism which has run wild over the past three decades and left in its wake societies characterized by economic gaps in which a small number of people have amassed a large segment of the fruits of labor. The end result might be emergence of a hybrid economic system in which capitalism fuses with basic socialist ideals of equity. Is something new being born?