South African President Mbeki Agrees To Resign

The African National Congress(ANC) in South Africa decides who will lead their nation by becoming its president since most people in the nation follow its suggestions on voting. Today, the ANC lashed out at its former head, President Thabo Mbeki, and announced its intention to initiate procedures that might result in forcing a collapse of his government along with his resignation. President Mbeki responded by agreeing to resign in order to avoid a divisive era in his nation’s history. Mbeki has been engaged in a feud with Jacob Zuma, the current head of the ANC, and its acrimonious consequences have resulted in hatred between the two former colleagues. ANC leaders believe Mbeki is the one responsible for the current investigation into Jacob Zuma’s actions which many believe involve charges of corruption. The ANC announced its intention “to recall the president of the republic before his term of office expires. Our decision has been communicated to him.”

The ANC action is most probably a response to a recent ruling by High Court Judge Chris Nicholson who ruled charges of corruption against Zuma may have entailed actions by Mbeki of undue influence in the investigation. This action is merely the latest in ongoing complaints against Mbeki for his failure to act in an impartial manner during the current crisis in Zmbabwe where he has blatantly supported the corrupt and brutal regime of Robert Mugabe.

  • Terence

    It seems as though the ANC and its members are overwhelmed by the power they have without any competition or inteference. They are more concerned about their party and their jobs and forget that the children in Giyani and rural Natal needs to get what they voted for. Instead they give more power to uninformed and politically immature people like Julius Malema. Mbeki Became too comfortable and was reluctant to train or groom the next leader who is known for his/her best principle of leadership and efficiency in time. He wanted to rule until he dies like his mentor Robert Mugabe. Jacob Zuma is just playing a victim game, the man is a crook like all of them. Clearly education is much better for any human being, look at Zuma.

    ANC members are allowed a pay back towards Mbeki, but not on our expence as the citizens. They ahve took our government and made it their pay ground, ANCYL members should just go back to school, including that boy Malema and Shivambu (spokes person) who vandalised Wits property fews years ago.

    Let alone the tribalism in the party, they are messing up our country by claiming that they were in the struggle. Our parents didnt go to exile, they fought the real struggle here on this soil and they deserve a better life than all those bafoons who are fighting for power that does not belong to them, and they have a decency of coming to me and ask for my vote?

    The entire ANC is corrupt and scandalous, look at Yengeni, Balfore, and many of those MPs, please, give us a break… ANC is played out!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thanks for your cogent comments.

  • Comrade Basa

    Thanks, for your neo-liberalism, it’s just what we need…