South Africa Ponders Somalia Mission

It is now nearly twenty years since the people of Somalia have enjoyed any aspect of a peaceful existence. Their lives are a constant encounter with violence, death, rape, and destruction. At times, it is difficult to differentiate between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” as Muslim insurgents splinter into an ever increasing number of sub groups. The “government of Somalia” is limited to control over parts of the capital city of Mogadishu, and once its representatives leave the protecting embrace of African Union soldiers, they are at risk for their lives. South Africa is undoubtedly, among the most important nations in Africa, and its government is now considering the possibility that it will demonstrate its power by dispatching troops from its National Defense Force to Somalia. African Union troops are fairly well reduced to control over parts of the capital and would welcome thousands of fresh South African soldiers.

The only current hope for Somalia is some form of coalition government in which radical Fundamentalists agree to share leadership of the country. Frankly, at this point, issues about “radical” or “moderate” must take a step backward and enable a coalition government to establish the semblance of government in the country.