South Africa President Blasts Youth Leader

The end of apartheid meant many things for people in South Africa. For some, it was the beginning of a new era in which black people would rule and whites had to pay the price of years of oppression. African National Congress Youth Leader, Julius Malema has assumed the mantel of pushing for punishment of whites and stripping them of power in his nation. His wild statements include singing the song, “kill the Boer” which recently was banned by the courts for fear it would result in violence between whites and blacks. President Jacob Zuma warned Malema his statements were not appropriate and threatened the economy of the nation since fear of attacks on economic leaders might cause a stock market panic as well as fear of white withdrawal from South Africa.

Nelson Mandela created an environment in which past hate had to be replaced by a new culture of cooperation between people and avoidance of retaliation for past mistakes. Malema wants to abandon the ideas of Mandela and replace them with threats and fears of violence which would tear the nation apart.