South Africa Tales Of Going Nowhere

Nelson Mandela died this year, twenty years after he helped the people of South Africa begin the process of creating a modern society in which people of all color skin or religion could dwell in peace and harmony. He is dead and so if this dream. Unfortunately, after he died so did the opportunity to create a society in which dark skinned people could attain a modern level of life. Instead, a small group of black South Africans joined with some white leaders and obtained the good life. This came at the expense of most dark skinned people. Under the leadership of the African National Congress, President Jacob Zuma ordered police and army units to fire upon striking black miners –in the name of law and order!

This week, another election in South Africa. Another victory for the African National Congress and another defeat for the cause of human justice and the end of corruption. The Democratic Alliance witnessed an increase in votes from 175 to 22% but this progressive group of whites, blacks, Indians and coloreds lacks the votes to end poverty and allow all South Africans to enter a modern middle class life.