South Africa To Debate Moral Values

President Jacob Zuma urged his countrymen to engage in an open debate regarding the nation’s moral values and beliefs. On one hand, he said, “we are united in diversity” but on the other hand he decried that certain people believe their standards and values are superior to those of other groups. “I am going to initiate a national conversation on the moral code and our moral values.” Who can oppose a national discussion on moral values? Who can oppose allowing many people to engage in open debate regarding the values of a nation? Outwardly, the goal is desirable, but it also raises questions as to whether the goal is identifying an overall outline of what constitutes the characteristics of a democratic society or is one imposing that upon those who disagree?

A democratic society has a multiple set of values and beliefs because only through diversity of ideas can any society institute changes. Today’s “radical idea” is tomorrow’s conventional way of thinking. Always maintain an open stance for diversity of values and morals.