South Africa Urged To Halt Deporting Zimbabweans

Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged the South African government to cease deporting refugees from Zimbabwe back to a nation which has collapsed and cholera is spreading. Refugees need some form of humanitarian assistance since the alternative of returning to Zimbabwe would be for many a death sentence. HRW noted: “To avoid deportation from South Africa, Zimbabweans currently have no option but to claim asylum, placing even greater pressure on a system already struggling to process refugee claims according to international standards.” The tragedy of this situation has been the failure on the part of the South African government to exert pressure on President Robert Mugabe to allow an honest coalition government which can implement reasonable efforts to restore the semblance of a vibrant economy.

South Africa failed to fulfill its historic mission of being a beacon of democracy in Africa and the result it is now forced to deal with an ever growing influx of refugees.