South African Bishop Urges Aid To Zimbabweans

The crisis in Zimbabwe has produced many studies and meetings by African leaders but few actions that assist the people of Zimbabwe. The Anglican Bishop of Pretoria, Rev. Dr. Jo Seoka, called upon his government to finally take some action even if it means sending South African troops into Zimbabwe to protect the people of that nation from the tyranny of Mugabe’s rule. He challenged the South African government to ‘consider seriously the humanitarian crisis faced by the Zimbabwean people” both in South Africa and in their native land. He also called on his government “to send a fact-finding mission that will inform and empower us to act decisively to rescue the innocent nationals of Zimbabwe, both in their country” and in places within South Africa where they are being oppressed by the forces of prejudice and hatred.

The bishop said South Africa has the right to send a peacekeeping force to Zimbabwe to protect civilians, “particularly those who are human rights advocates.” He also called for an embargo of supplying electricity since it is only being used by the clique which surrounds Mugabe.

The World Health Organization says about 30,000 people in Zimbabwe have been diagnosed with cholera. Two weeks ago, President Mugabe said talk about cholera was an example of lies spread by former colonial rulers of his nation.