South African Democracy At Turning Point

South Africa has made a dramatic switch from being a country in which apartheid and prejudice ruled into one in which there are competing nations which view for leadership. However, the recent case brought by the government against African National Congress leader, Jacob Zuma, threatens to undo much as to what has been accomplished in creating a democracy. Zuma is charged with fraud, money laundering and corruption. His followers are demanding the charges be dropped because he is such a key leader and charging him with crimes distracts from his importance in leading the nation.

This blog does not know if Jacob Zuma is innocent or guilty, but that verdict must be rendered by a court of law.Zuma is a charismatic leader, but he must face charged against him in court and put up a defense that proves the government has a trumped up case. In so doing, Zuma will be telling the people of South Africa that no single person is above the law.