South African Government Wants To Help Media

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa wants to ensure there is freedom of press in his nation, and to make certain the media prints the truth he is even willing to have the government explain to the media what is the truth. This man is so dedicated to freedom of speech that he is even willing to lend a helping hand by explaining to newspapers and other mass media what they should print in order to ensure they print the truth. As he so eloquently put it, “they(media) need to be governed themselves because at times they go overboard” and print things that are negative about his government and friends. Where did the media ever get the idea they could print and show items which cast the government in a bad light?? “We are the watchdogs of the people” and he intends to make certain the people receive information that he deems is correct for them to obtain.

As Zuma notes, the African National Congress(ANC) “fought for our rights, we understand what rights are.” It is wonderful that in this world there are such dedicated people like Jacob Zuma who will take time from their busy days to help the media understand what is the truth. Of course, a basic factor in the truth is that Jacob Zuma is never wrong.