South African Inaction= Zimbabwean Action!

It is estimated there currently are at least three million refugees from Zimbabwe in the nation of South Africa. The prior leader of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, allowed his personal feeling of friendship for President Robert Mugabe to ignore the chaos in Zimbabwe which resulted from corruption, brutality, and anti-white farmer policies to cause a collapse of the economy. The result was a mass exist of millions from their land in search of food and shelter for themselves and their children. The Medicins sans Frontieres (MSF) estimates at least two thousand Zimbabwean refugees continue crossing over into South Africa each month. Refugees automatically receive a permit which allows them to remain in South Africa for six months and their children can obtain schooling. They have the right to work and obtain health care. None of these is available in Zimbabwe where the unemployment rate is 94%.

President Zuma must make clear to President Mugabe that freedom must be restored to Zimbabwe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai allowed to organize a cohesive government free from the oppressive forces of the police and army. There must be an end to seizure of farms for a few years in order to restore some semblance of economic stability. If not, South Africa will be shouldering an enormous burden.