South African Mediation Offer On Zimbabwe

Throughout the crisis which has engulfed Zimbabwe since the election of March 29th which gave a clear majority of the votes to Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC)s, President Mbeki has remained silent and given tacit encouragement to President Mugabe. The failure of the South African leader to take a pro-active role in the fight for democracy has seriously damaged efforts at a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Suddenly, President Mbeki has proposed a new compromise which allows Mugabe to remain as titular head of the nation while transferring real power to Tsvangirai who would assume the role of prime minister in a coalition government.

It is not surprising the MDC is cautiously approaching the compromise wondering if the plan is way to make legitimate the horror that engulfed the people of Zimbabwe under the ruthless rule of Mugabe. The MDC has tentatively agreed with the proposal but would prefer if another mediator was appointed by the African Union who does not share such close ties with Mugabe.

There are many unanswered questions about the proposed compromise government. Would it be able to take action against the murderers who killed innocent people and what would be done about any army that is closely tied to the gangsters that currently rule Zimbabwe.