South African Workers Fight For Zimbabwe

A campaign to prevent arms currently aboard a Chinese vessel that are destined for the dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe may well halt the arrival of the weapons which would be used to crush those who oppose the ruler. The Congress of South African Trade Unions(Costau) called for an international boycott of the vessel and urged fellow dock workers in other African ports to refuse unloading the cargo of destruction. “Coastu is doing everything possible to alert the international trade union movement to the danger to the workers of Zimbabwe if the cargo is allowed to be unloaded and deliverted to Mugabe’s forces.” Unlike the passivity of President Mbeki of South Africa, the trade union movement is working to support those being oppressed in Zimbabwe.

South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union(Satawu) leader Randall Howard told the world: “We shall not rest until the weapons destined to Zimbabwe are returned to Beijing. We shall not become an accomplice to the repression and brutality of the Zimbabwean masses who only yearn for peace and genuine democracy.”

Perhaps, it is time for South African President Mbeki to recognize the people of his nation recognize there is a genuine “crisis” in Zimbabwe and they will not follow his course of timidity and cooperation with the forces of repression.