South Africans March For Women’s Rights

Hundreds of men and women including members of the Cabinet of South Africa marched in Pretoria in support of the 16 Days of Activism For No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. They carried signs saying, “50/50 No Compromise No Going Back” which were intended to support government efforts to ensure that Parliament contained greater representation of women. Bafana Khumalo of the Sonke Gender Justice Network expressed the feeling of marchers with the comment: “We are concerned for the ruling party…thee is a worrying trend to the majority of nominees for the party presidency are men. We need capable women in the presidency.” Ms. Geraldine Fraser-Moiekei, a member of the Cabinet noted that “levels of violence are high because of the psyche of our nation. Until women and children are safe from violence, we cannot move forward.” Many speakers expressed hope that in the future the African National Congress will mandate that at least 50% of parliament members must be women.

There are many societies in which law mandates that percentage of the legislature should consist of women. The new leader of Liberia is a woman and hopefully in the future women will be empowered with greater responsibilities for leading South Africa.