South Korea And US Troops

Approximately sixty years ago the US signed an armistice with Chinese and North Korean forces under which both sides accepted the then cease fire line as some sort of boundary demarcation. Since that point in time there has never been any attempt by North Korea to alter the armistice line. Yes, North Koreans issue boasts and threats, but the bottom line is there is no indication they seek to move beyond words to actions. However, thousands of American troops remain in Korea and add to our nation’s economic burden.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta argues a rationale for remaining. “We maintain those forces not only for the protection of South Korea, but also as force to indicate that the United States is going to maintain a military force in the Pacific.”

Great rhetoric, but nonsense. South Korea has an effective armed force, an effective air force and an adequate navy. There is no rationale for spending billions of dollars having US troops in the area. China has absolutely no interest in any war. The last time Chinese troops got involved in a war was over forty years ago. Cease living in the past, enter the 21st century.

By the way, why are there thousands of American troops in Europe? Against whom are they waiting to fight? Over which issue?