South Sudan Sliding To War

The new country of South Sudan is not only celebrating its independence, but it is preparing to launch offensive actions against Sudan and its dictator ruler, President Bahir. General Ketchum promised people on the border of Sudan that his troops were prepared to enter oil areas as a first step in dealing with the murderous regime of Sudan. “First, we take Kadugli, then El-Obeid, then Khartoum(the capital). Bashir unleashed his dogs of war on innocent people in Darfur, he has unleashed them against innocent people in the Nuban hills, but he may have overstepped this aggressiveness. If South Sudan smashes it way into Khartoum, a Muslim nation will be defeated by Christians which, undoubtedly, will initiate new guerrilla warfare by al-Qaeda.

Hopefully, the US will allow South Sudan to handle this potential civil war. There are no WMD anywhere, so mind our own business and let justice takes its course–without us!