So,Where Is Edward??

The United States of America devotes several hundred billion dollars in order to defeat our enemies.We have dozens of spy agencies that spend their days and nights tracking down bad people. Ah, and out of the nowhere appeared a young man named, Edward Snowden who divulged to the world “secrets”that if revealed would result in the collapse of the American nation. This man of evil is someplace in the world and despite the thousands who daily work to track down bad people none, as of yet has been able to spot the ever elusive man from Hawaii. He is either at an airport in Moscow, some place in Hong Kong, in Venezuela or perhaps in Ecuador. I have heard from authoritative sources that he is spending his evenings in Central Park.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador on Monday says his nation is ready to grant asylum but on Wednesday he is worried about a trade pact with the US. Finally, President Obama made sense by noting he will  not spend his time tracking down a 29 year old hacker.