Space Race Without US

Gather round little kids and let me tell you a story about a nation whose name was the United States of America and whose exploits shook the world. These Americans built great highways that went three thousand miles and huge dams and even sent men to the moon where they could plant the first human flag on the soil of another planet. Ah, that was then, and today we have Conservative Republicans whose greatest dream for this nation is reducing taxes for the wealthy. A RUSSIAN space ship blasted off carrying an American,  an Italian and a Russian who were all headed to the international space station. In other words, if an American wants to head for space, please reserve a place on a RUSSIAN space ship.

A bridge in the state of Washington just collapsed and an estimate 50,000 other bridges could wind up in  river because Republicans refuse to vote money to rebuild our infrastructure. After all, which comes first-a modern infrastructure or lower taxes for the wealthy??