Spain Launches African Aid Program

Each week thousands of people atempt the perilous journey from the African continent accross the Mediterranean in an effort to find economic opportunities in Europe. The Spanish government has decided to address the issue by focusing on economic development in Africa in an effort to provide work opportunities so that people will not be forced to migrate. Spain is providing over a $100 million to several African nations. Deputy prime minister, Maria Teresa Fernandz de la Vega announced: “With this plan, Spain hpes to relaunch agriculture, fight desertification and promote appropriate management of water resources, along with marketing fish, farming products and renewable energy.” She emphasized the importance of helping African nations deal with climate change issues which impair their economic development.

Menawhile, the Andalucia Ombudsman, Jose Chamizo, raised questions whether the detention of illegal immigrants who have not committed any crime, but are only guilty of an administrative offence, is legal. It is estimated about 20,000 illegal foreigners are now in detention centers.

The Spanish effort actually should be part of a massive European Union plan to help develop the economic resources of northern African nations in order to allow their inhabitants an opportunity to find success at home rather than leaving family and friends in search of work.