Spare The Rod?

Rod Blagojevich used to be governor of the great state of Illinois. For some strange reason, the federal government instituted charges against him of extortion, bribery and graft. I am confused. Two prior governors of Illinois were also charged with some crimes, so what exactly did Rod commit that wasn’t previously being done? OK, so he took bribes. If that is a crime, shouldn’t we lock up the entire Congress of the USA because its members take money for the right vote on a bill? Rod is charged with extortion. Hey man, the Republican party threatened to withhold support for unemployment benefits unless President Obama allowed tax cuts to proceed. Isn’t that extortion?

I like Rod. At least he is honest, open and willing to admit he does some things in order to get some things. That is simply good old American free enterprise at work. I think in this case we ought to spare the rod in order to be open about our political system which is composed of bribery, extortion and graft. Don’t rid us of Rod, either use the rod to spank members of Congress or let everyone get a piece of the pie.