Speak English In Sweden -Or Else!

Gonzalo Munoz was born and raised in the country  of Sweden by parents who had migrated from Chile. Recently, he was waiting in a metro station in Stockholm to meet a friend when approached by a policeman. The cop, speaking in English, said to Mr. Munoz: “I’d like to see your passport because you are suspected of being in Sweden illegally.” Fortunately, Mr Munoz, in addition to his native Swedish also knows the English language. Fortunately, that day he also had his passport. Imagine if he did not speak English or did not possess his passport, a day in jail.

The purpose of  police in any nation in the world is to capture criminals. In New York City during the past year police stopped and frisked about 850,000 people. By some strange reason 75% of them were Hispanic or Black. I gather they did find fewer than 100 weapons. I am glad police waste their time halting honest New Yorkers. Oh, this does not mean there is evidence of racial profiling!