Speak The Truth, Seek A New Job

Carlos Pascual is the American ambassador to Mexico and he does have a grasp as to what must be done to curb drug wars in the country. As a result of Wikileaks, he has been asked to vacate the job seek other employment. What was his crime? Pascual was highly critical of how American and Mexican officials handle the drug wars. He blasted the lack of coordination in Mexico of how to deal with drug lords and was highly doubtful if honesty was the norm in Mexico and expressed concerns about corruption and inefficiency. Naturally, that was the last thing President Felipe Calderon wanted to hear, given that thousands of innocent people have died during his ineffective campaign to curb the spread of gangs and drugs.

There are two issues related to drugs in America and Mexico. One, the need to legalize drugs in the United States and cease creating conditions that allow criminals to become enormously wealthy. Second, confront the issue of widespread corruption in Mexico. Perhaps, if we did number one, we would not have to worry about number 2.