Speak When Putin Allows!

There is a land, far, far away at the end of the European continent where rules a wise man who is  beloved by all who agree that he is a wise man. Vladimir Putin was raised in the Soviet Union and learned that if one desired to succeed, either join the KGB or just shut up. Human Rights Watch released a report which indicates since Putin once again assumed the presidency of Russia, restrictive laws have made difficult expressing divergent opinions. According to Rachel Denber, “the past year has been the worst year for human rights in Russia in recent memory.” Some claim the motivation behind Putin’s clamp down on human rights is to create a climate of fear and oppression.

Sadly, former President Dimitry Medvedev did seek to foster a climate of moderate freedom, but his decision to become chief lackey for Putin ended that brief springtime of freedom.

Welcome to Putin Russia, but make certain you do not sing songs which poke fun at his authority and, certainly, avoid being classified as gay or lesbian. Just shut up, dance to the music of Putin and life will be bearable.