Speaking Legal In A Turkish Tongue

A Turkish court has found Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk guilty because he wrote the following words: “The Turks have killed 30,00 Kurds and 1 million Armenians in this land.” He is charged with making accusations that apply to all Turkish people and they did not kill anyone. Fair enough. I thought we should apply the same principle to other situations:

1. Someone in America somehow killed, or, should I say, help to have about 500,000 Indians disappear from the land.

2. Not that I am saying anyone in the South had anything to do with this, but some people with white skins sort of lynched about 4,000 folk with black skin.

3. I am NOT saying that Adolf Hitler killed anyone since there is no picture showing him shooting a human being. But, SOMEONE killed those six million Jews.

4. I am not accusing Wall Street folk for being selfish, but to complain about high taxes after receiving $140 billion in bonus payments strikes me as a bit selfish.

5. I am not accusing Sarah Palin of being a first class ignorant idiot, but Obama really was born in Alaska(hah, got you!)

6. Say, about those 1,000,000 Armenians who supposedly died, if they did, it was probably the Mossad.

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