Special Treatment Does Not Lead To Special Results!

Nations which have immigrants invariably confront issues as to which special accommodations should be allowed those whose culture or religion differs from that of the majority. For example, in the United States, many school districts do not punish Jewish students with an absence if they remain home on high holy days. Many school districts attempt to provide food alternatives in order to show respect for their students. These actions represent an attempt to balance rights of society with rights of minorities.

The school district of Jonkoping in Sweden reached agreements with Muslim parents that allow Muslim girls not to strip naked when showering and excuse Muslim students from overnight trips that all students take during the semester. Student sponsored trips are for all students and excusing some interferes with their education. The issue of taking a shower wearing underwear is to silly to argue about, the issue is whether or not girls emerge clean.

In a multicultural society, those  who are part of a minority must engage in society because we have to live in society.