Spend More To Defend America!

It is nearly a quarter of century since the Soviet Union collapsed and ended a threat of America confronting a powerful military force but to many in Congress it is important for America to be prepared to fight a major enemy armed force. Many cite the emergence of China as a potential military opponent. At this moment, China possesses one aircraft carrier–which was purchased– and finally a plane actually landed on it. There is not a single Chinese general who has ever led men into battle, and not a single Chinese lieutenant who ever led a single soldier into any form of armed conflict in which the other side had weapons. The Chinese air force is decades away from being a threat and the American navy rules the seas.

However, Congress insists there is need for a joint fighter plane that will wind up costing over 400 billion in order to ensure the US air force can handle Albania’s fighter plane. Department of Defense Comptroller told Congress efforts to reduce waste and eliminate weapon systems have been thwarted by Congress which wants those jobs for people in their districts.

Congress wants to reduce spending on education, on the unemployed and on research into disease, but never a single cent for weapons that are not needed!