Spies Come In From Under The Covers

The Russians are very clever people. They sent a dozen prostitutes to the United States with instructions to infiltrate the American government establishment and get some secret information. These under cover agents ostensibly were to spend time under the covers with American males and extract from them all sorts of “secrets.” From what we gather, they did seduce a “financier” and a “scientist” who supposedly had connections with atomic bomb developments. I am confused. The United States government has been working with Russia on strategies to get rid of atomic bombs, but the Russians are sending agents to uncover secrets about the bombs that will be destroyed! Wow, prostitutes got a financier into bed with them. Frankly, that is not very impressive, given that a governor of New York was consorting with prostitutes.

I guess the good news is a prostitute made out with a financier. I guess the bad news is she made out with a financier. These financiers have not been doing very well in the market. Exactly, what information did the prostitute get from her “financier?” Strikes me this is much ado about nothing except some prostitutes had bad sex.