Spies In My Life

The United States of America has confronted a few minor problems during its 250 years as a nation. We had a civil war, we fought in one world war and then confronted a second one which witnessed the death of nearly 500,000. Of course, we had a great Depression, we had the Korean and Vietnam wars, but untilk 9/11 which cost the lives of 3,000 people, it has not been necessary for the government to devote billions in the pursuit of discovering what we ate for breakfast today. Obama government officials for three years have accessed data on thousands of US domestic phone numbers they had no legal right to secure. But, even worse they misrepresented their actions to a secret court in order to obtain reauthorizaton to once again spy. Officials argue that the complexity of computer systems, misunderstanding of laws, court orders, internal policies and God knows what else are the excuses given by the Obama government. I assume that former Constitutional Professor Barack Obama DOES know that ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse for breaking the law!

I understand that President Obama will justify any and all actions that violate the rights of Americans on ground that he is destroying their rights in order to protect their rights. NATIONAL SECURITY. Ah, the two magic words which allow the government to do whatever it damn well pleases. Back in 2009 a judge told the NSA counterterrorism office that records could not be shared with anyone you desired sharing in the office. Naturally, the records were shared. Such is the behavior of the former man from Harvard.