Spies Out In Cold

Among the more  shocking aspects of the Obama administration is its fascination with spies and espionage and secret cabals seeking to undermine the American goveernment. The Justice Department has named Fox News correspondent, James Rosen as a co-conspirator in a 2010 espionage case against State Department security adviser, Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. Kim is charged with handing over to Rosen a classified government document that said North Korea would probably test a nuclear weapon. The FBI has seized Rosen’s emails and all messages to Kim. However, Rosen, as of  yet has not been charged with any crime.

OK, the secret is now out. North Korea intends to test a nuclear weapon. Gee, who would have guessed this without the intrepid work of the FBI. This is simply another example of much ado about nothing. The world knows that North Korea is working on nuclear weapons. How can there be a serious crime when a reporter obtains information about what the entire world knows??