Spies Who Came In From The Heat

During the past half century of American policy towards Cuba the goals of forcing Fidel Castro from power have gone nowhere except to spread hysteria and fear concerning alleged threats from the southern isle. Last week, Walter Myers and his wife Gwendolyn, were arrested on charges of spying for the Cuban government. Mr. Myers has been under suspicion since 1995 and under an FBI investigation since 2006. Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, posed the logical question of “why were they not arrested before” and added “doesn’t the story of Cuban spying seem really ridiculous to everyone?” Castro raised the logical question of why if someone was suspected in 1995 of being a spy wasn’t action taken a might bit earlier or does the FBI and other agencies ordinarily wait a decade before taking action?

This story smells to high heaven of an attempt to block attempts for an American-Cuban reconciliation. Or, is it simply another example of inept lack of action on the part of our “security” agencies?