Spike Lee Explodes At Hipsters

Unlike most modern blacks who regard themselves as pioneers in the fight for equal rights, Spike Lee lived the battle and was engaged when things were dangerous for those seeking to end discrimination in the United States. It sometimes results in his disgust with those who use profanity, not to express a point of view, but to make money. He is particularly upset at what has happened to black neighborhoods in Harlem and Brooklyn. Homes have been purchased from black residents by new wealthy whites from the financial world along with black skinned folk who have made millions portraying the black hipster who can shout profanity for bucks. The result is that former all black communities in New York City are now filled with white and black upper middle class and wealthy folks.

Spike blurted out: “Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like a m–f–g Westminster Dog Show.” He is furious how those who have never fought, more the less risked, for the fight to end discrimination now proudly proclaim they are a hipster who can yell and curse with anyone. They enjoy what others fought for. “Why did it take the great influence of white people to get the schools better?” Absolutely correct, only add, why did it take the influence of upper income blacks to get the schools better!!