Spirit Of February Gone In Egypt!

It was barely a few weeks ago when Egyptians of all religious persuasions banded together in order to end the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Muslims and Christians held arms, fed one another and slept beside those who had a different religion. Alas, the spirit of February has been replaced by the spirit of hate. In January, a Coptic church was burned and a suicide bomber killed 21 Christians. There were no demonstrations against hate and violence by Muslims. There were no cries for love and peace with fellow Egyptians. Coptic Christians predate Muslim Egyptians by hundreds of years, but have faced discrimination in their own native land.

Yesterday, Christians and Muslims battled in the streets of Cairo. No, they were not fighting for democracy or social justice. They were fighting over Christian demands to rebuild the church. In the battle, six Christians and five Muslims died while 73 people were wounded.

Whatever happened to the wondrous days in the streets of Cairo when all united for social justice?