Spy Academy Awards

In olden days nations would boast about their armed forces or their economic might, but in the modern world, unless a nation has a first class spy system, they must be condemned to the dustbin of second rate powers. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency is currently in Germany where he is extolling the virtues of his organization. As he strolled through offices of the German government, the man of darkness quietly and firmly explained to backward German officials that they have fallen behind in the spy race. They can not read what each citizen in Germany has said, written or done today. They do not know what Kurt or Hilgrid is discussing on Facebook so how can Germany claim to be a first rate nation?

We now inhabit a world in which spying is the latest proof that a nation is important. I am certain that as Alexander extolls the work of his agency, German spy folk are seeking to learn so they can know what goes on in each German home. Yesterday, it was Europe, today it is being a number One spook!