Spy Agencies Cover UP?

Congressman Justin Amash is a conservative Republican who seeks approval of the businessmen in his life when it comes time to vote for bills. However, he also has an irritating manner of posing questions when it comes to issues of spying. Amash now charges the National Security Agency and Congressional committes colluded to prevent members of Congress to gain access to important information before a critical surveillance vote. The conservative Republican is sick and tired of one cover up after another on the part of Congressmen and the Obama administration when anyone raises issues of the rights of citizens to be secure in their privacy.

The document in question which was not seen by members of Congress would have told Congressmen the NSA was checking phone records of ordinary citizens and depriving them of their right to privacy.In theory members of Congress would have been allowed to check out the document in a secured faciliity. Amash insists no such reading opportunity was ever provided members of Congress.

The bottom line is the desire of the President to prevent open discussion of surveillance on ground that discussion of the topic allows terrorists to proceed with terror. Really!!