Spy Galleries On Display

Future historians will be writing books and articles concerning the spy policies of American presidents from Bush to Obama because a serious issue has become the greatest farce of modern times. Each day brings another example of the National Security Agency spying on this or that American ally. President Obama offers a serious face from which words emerge about another “study”to be made, and, perhaps, just perhaps, some action to be made about the right of America to spy on leaders who, allegedly, are our partners. The government of Israel is now furious over evidence the NSA spied on its leaders for years. Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz burst out with, “this thing is not legitimate. It is embarrassing between countries,” friendly ones, that is. I sometimes forget that we Americans are a “special people” who possess the right to spy on anyone who threatens “our security.” It is time for the United States to make a list of “special qualities” we possess that all nations of the world must respect.

For Israel, the issue is doubly upsetting. Thirty years ago, a man named Jonathan Pollard, spied for Israel in the United States, was caught, is still in prison and the government of Israel promised never again to spy in America. So, what is the end result, lock up for thirty years an Israel spy and then spy in the state of Israel.

Question: Does Israel get the right to lock up American spies and also receive a promise not to spy on them? Just asking.