Spy Or Hero?

The famous Washington Post duo of  Woodward and Bernstein  became American heroes when they uncovered the notorious Watergate scandal. Naturally, then President Richard Nixon would have done anything to prevent the public from learning about his involvement in this attempt to subvert the law.  Bradley Manning is not a famous reporter, he is not a famous political leader, he is simply a private in the US Armed forces who believed the public was entitled to know how their leaders thought about the war in Iraq.  Today, the prosecution in his case claim that Manning’s goal was to offer Osama bin Laden information regarding the US Army.

It is one thing to argue that Manning revealed “secrets” and another to claim he was some sort of secret agent for Osama bin Laden. As I recall, when the US Army had bin Laden trapped in Bora Bora, then President Bush ordered them to leave which resulted in the escape of the al-Qaeda leader. How come Bush is not on trial for assisting al-Qaeda to be saved from extinction?