Spy Saga In India

It is sometimes said that truth is stranger than fiction, and the latest report out of India might offer proof of this belief. The exiled Tibetan community which is now in India was shocked at reports from the Indian police that one of their most important religious figures might turn out to be a spy for the Chinese Communists. Indian police have interviewed Ugyen Thinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa in the Buddhist religion about the $1 million found in monasteries that was found in dollar bills. He told them the money came from donations of supporters, but police chief K.G. Kapoor expressed the view, “we are not happy with his replies.” The 17th Karmapa escaped from China in 2000 when he was just fourteen, and there have been suspicions as to how a teenage boy was able to make such a dramatic escape. Rumors in the Tibetan community connect the Chinese government to the Karmapa.

Who knows in this world as to who is who and who is a spy. The next thing we will hear on Fox News is that Barack Obama is a spy for Osama bin Laden or that he was a brother of the notorious Muslim terrorist. I assume Glenn Beck will not treat us to a diagram showing us Obama’s route from Mecca to Hawaii.