Spy Who did Not Come In From Cold

We were raised during the Cold War with tales of secret spies, daring escapades into eastern Europe in order to gain access to secret documents and intrepid actos like Michael Caine who always found a way out of trap laid by KGB agents. Today,we are left with the exploits of one Ryan Fogle and his blond wig and thousands of dollars being offered to a Russian turncoat. Why the American government needs a Russian spy in order to learn about terrorist activities in the Caucasus is simply beyond reason. Of course, one could actually read an historical work  written about this topic. Instead of putting on a wig, how about putting on a hat and going to a university library?

This is a farce wrapped up into stupidity and simply another reason why the American government stumbles from one crisis to another. Heck, everything the CIA wants to learn about is on the INTERNET!