Spying On Students

Students at a high school in Sweden noticed a tiny hole in the wall, and being curious explored the strange object that appeared to be in the hole. It turned out to be a camera which was recording what students did in this “break room” which ostensibly was an area set aside so young people could get away from the prying eyes of teachers. Students informed the principal, NIklas Mollwe what they had found and he suggested that a custodian must have placed it in the wall.

To make a long story short, it turned out the principal had placed the camera in the wall on grounds students during the break were viewing pornographic material on the computers. He simply wanted to protect girls in the school from viewing pornographic materials. When asked why he had lied to students, his retort was it was all a joke.

Ah, the standards we set in school. Oh, I didn’t mean the standards we expect students to attain, I meant the standards adults set!