Square Of In Kiev!

Thousands of people in Kiev are squaring off in squares of the city in order to make clear to President Yanukovych their displeasure at his refusal to have their nation become part of the European Union. Viktor is rather upset at his ploy to become the head flunky of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Police and army units are entering the city to end the siege. Over 500,000 were in Kiev on Sunday and they do not intend to leave until Russia ends its love affair with Putin and opts for a future that ensures Ukranians will finally enjoy a life that allows freedom of expression and opportunities for their children to fnally enjoy meaningful economic opportunities for a western style middle class life.

The police insist that “we are here to keep order, we are not going to apply force.” That is not very likely. Ukranians have endured hundreds of years living under this or that form of dictatorship. If relations with Russia become close that ensures democracy for Ukranians becomes distant.