Sri Lanka Civil War Draws To An End

The civil war which has raged for over a quarter of a century in Sri Lanka appears drawing to a close as government troops pound the last remaining areas under the control of the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). As the insurgents are forced into a narrow area of the island, thousands of innocent civilians are trapped in between shelling from both sides. Artillery fire blasted the last remaining hospital in the area, PTK, causing the death of nine and wounding of twenty as shells hit the children’s ward. UN staff which it trying to protect civilians claim “the hospital is the last remaining refuge for people in the area. It is overflowing with kids and women.” The government blames the LTTE for the artillery attacks, but since it will not allow the media into the disputed area, it is impossible to verify their claims to innocence.

During the civil war over 70,000 have died and, as far as this reporter knows, there have not been demonstrations in European cities and certainly no calls from United Kingdom professors to boycott Sri Lanka universities although they believe Israeli colleges should be boycotted. The hypocrisy of the West and the Muslim world over the deaths of 70,000 Asians raises questions concerning morality.

This author has protested deaths caused by the Israel army as well as the brutality of Sri Lanka forces and the rebel Tamil Tigers. One day the world will be horrified by all acts of violence including Hamas in Gaza.