Sri Lanka Civil War Outcome-Crackdown On Press!

After over three decades of nonstop fighting the civil war in Sri Lanka finally came to a peaceful conclusion with the defeat of rebels. One would imagine that a nation which has endured such violence would seek peace and freedom for its citizens. But, alas, that is not th e policy of the victorious Sri Lanka government. After winning a supposedly “free election” which raised many questions about its honesty, the government has retaliated against members of the media who suggest things are not as good as claimed. A Colombo newspaper editor was arrested, and a Swiss reporter was told to leave the country. Karin Wenger told the media, “I think I am being expelled for asking inconvenient questions during a government press conference.”

The International Federation of Journalists has repeatedly expressed concern about the safety of reporters. Last January, the editor of “The Sunday Leader,” was assassinated on his way to work. If a government arrests reporters after an election it only leaves one question in the mind of the media-something is rotten in the state of Sri Lanka.

  • Lavern Argueta

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