Sri Lanka Demands Accept Their View Or Leave!

A civil war has raged for over two decades on the island of Sri Lanka between the government and forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and generally the world press has expressed horror at suicide bombing by the LTTE and other acts of terror. During the past several months a new offense by the Sri Lanka government has almost crushed the LTTE and driven hundreds of thousands of people into a jungle area where they are unable to obtain the basic necessities of life. The Sri Lanka government expressed its fury at foreign media for daring to suggest its army might be killing innocent civilians and has threatened to expel any foreign journalists who will not adopt the government line as to what is going on in the war. “It was irresponsible (of the foreign media) not to talk about civilians held in the war zone by the LTTE while making comments that only helped the Tigers” exclaimed the government.

Last month the Sri Lanka foreign ministry sharply criticised the German ambassador for expressing dismay at the murder of a prominent Sri Lanka journalist who was concerned about human rights. The world is glad the war may be over and that suicide bombings might cease. But, now it is up to the government of Sri Lanka to show humanity to those who were defeated.

  • Sie.Kathieravealu

    More important than ending the war is the necessity of finding a political solution to the conflict for sustainable peace in the country.

    Government says a political solution would be considered after ending the war.

    Many like me think that a sustainable political solution acceptable by the people would end the war.

    In Sri Lanka, the trouble started due to discrimination and injustice and continues due to bribery and corruption. These may be the reasons for troubles in other countries too.

    Current wars have to be ended and new wars have to be prevented. To achieve this goal the present system of Democratic Governance has to be changed to one that is really democratic in its true sense.

    In the present democratic system it is only those – who possess the power to attract people through speech, have enough money and muscle power – can join the ruling class to suppress or convert all others as their subjects and is thus a fertile ground for “corruption” in various forms to thrive.

    In my opinion “Corruption” includes any kind of waste, neglect and every form of malpractice, dishonesty, abuse, misuse, unreasonable exercise of power, failure or refusal to exercise power, anything and everything left undone which results in the right of the people being denied or impaired.

    Without a “just society” in existence much talked about “terrorism” cannot be eradicated. For the creation of a “just society” there should be “good governance” in the country. For the creation of “good governance” in the country “corruption” in ALL its forms must be eradicated. And to eradicate “corruption” the present democratic system of governance, where full power to make final decisions ultimately rests in the hands of one person, must be changed.

    So the only way to salvage a country is to change the present system of governance to one that is truly democratic where the final decision-making power will NOT be in the hands of ONE person BUT shared by as many people as possible and thus restricting any individual to rush into hasty decisions that might lead to trouble everywhere.

    To make a country truly democratic, the powers of the Parliament (the decision making supreme body of a country) should be split and separated and each of the separated powers must be handled by different groups of persons selected and elected by the people for the purpose of administering EACH SET OF POWERS or duties as the case may be so that no single group has the full power. All the groups together will make the whole. The country is not divided but the powers of parliament are divided/separated. The World would become united. The people would have sustainable peace, prosperity and a pleasant living with dignity and sovereignty for everyone is guaranteed.

    Different groups have to be elected for such purposes as administration, fiscal management, planning, implementing, policy and law making, auditing and for any other function that may be deemed necessary.

    With such system in practice discrimination, injustice, bribery and corruption, the four pillars of an Evil society might become history.

    When the above four pillars of Evil are eradicated, the people would be living under a system that would guarantee sustainable peace, prosperity and a pleasant living to everyone in any country.

    Comments on the above views are solicited from everyone with a view to prevent future wars and end current wars.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thanks for your insightful comment.