Sri Lanka Finally Admits A Wrong

The nation of Sri Lanka was tormented for over two decades by a civil war between people of differing religions and differing beliefs. It was during this conflict that dissidents developed the concept of suicide bombers and quite often employed women to accomplish the task of death and destruction. The infamous LTTE were finally defeated by means that matched in ferocity those employed by Tamil rebels. It was basically a contest of which group could outdo the other when it came to torture and violence. Observers believe thousands of innocent Tamil civilians died in the last stages of the war. Since then the Sri Lanka government has never acknowledged a single example of violation of human rights. Triumph over evil simply allowed the victors to take over the government, in the name of peace, and impose a brutal, but peaceful regime.

The Sri Lanka government finally admitted to acts of violence. A video is being circulated on the Internet which shows Sri Lanka female recruits being beaten up by male soldiers and brutalized. The Arm issued a statement that “the video in question is accurate.” How about following up and admitting other videos which depict the murder of innocent Tamils are also accurate?