Sri Lanka Halts Humanitarian Aid

The most difficult aspect of any civil war is what happens once fighting ends. A ship from England loaded with supplies for Tamil refugees who are currently in camps was halted by the Sri Lanka navy on grounds the ship was sent by Tamil supporters in England and they never cleared the cargo with Sri Lanka officials. Those on board the ship insist there are no arms and the supplies are meant for refugees who are suffering from the effects of being bombed for months. Humanitarian groups are concerned the Sri Lanka government recently indicated it would prosecute doctors who worked in rebel held areas on charges they were aiding the enemy.

The United States fought a bloody civil war that resulted in over 500,000 deaths within a four year time period. But, once fighting was over, those who fought against the government were allowed to return home. Now, is the moment for the Sri Lanka government to display its humanity and offer a hand of friendship to the Tamil people.