Sri Lanka Is Not The Gracious Victor

In the closing days of the American Civil War in which 600,000 mean died, Abraham Lincoln urged peace and reconciliation. When General Grant accepted the surrender of Confederate General Lee, he allowed the enemy to keep their horses and head home. At the conclusion of the terrible civil war in Sri Lanka, the exact opposite attitude prevails. Those who surrendered are still viewed as the enemy rather than as fellow members of the nation.

The Sri Lanka government invoked regulations under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in order to continue holding as prisoners thousandss of Tamils who surrendered. According to Attorney General Mohan Peiris, “no suspects will be released and there is no change even though the emergency has been allowed to elapse.”

Ah, step one is how to renew violence.

  • Wendell Solomons

    Psychological warfare extends the violence.

    The picture of civil liberties has not returned to its status before the imposition of 1977 “Grab as much as you can” Reaganomics. In that year the UK Economist called the country a model democracy in the Third World. Unfortunately, huge fortunes have been raised not only by clan chiefs who are Sinhala but by a few other chiefs who collected protection money from the Tamil diaspora overseas. The latter chiefs are not local Tamils but South Indian Tamils who arrived in British Ceylon to better their prospects (Messrs Paskaralingam, Mahalingam.) They pour millions of dollars into PR and lobbying firms in the USA and UK to create media slant. The Sri Lankan government has been caught off balance and cannot promote a website that would moderate the slat. In a nutshell -the war continues as psychological warfare that Sri Lanka cannot tackle. The salvation of the post-Reaganomic nation depends heavily on journalists overseas who notice a disparity.