Sri Lanka Murdered Civilians!

There is no question the bitter long civil war in Sri Lanka which witnessed the government fighting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) produced terror, brutality and murder on both sides of the conflict. However, according to the International Crisis Group, during last stages of the conflict when the LTTE was surrounded and 300,000 civilians were trapped in the middle of the final battle, the Sri Lanka army deliberately fired hundreds of shells into the civilian population including targeting hospitals, schools and humanitarian groups in order to end the war. During this bloody attack, thousands of innocent civilians died since the LTTE was determined to fight on and on. In fact, says the Crisis Group, there is evidence the LTTE deliberately killed fleeing civilians in order to create an international outcry they thought might end the attack.

The United States once had a Civil War in which over 600,000 men died on both sides. As the conflict drew to a conclusion, General Grant told the defeated Confederate General Robert E. Lee, that his men could take their horses and head home and none would be imprisoned or hurt. The bloodiest war in American history ended in peace and forgiveness, a message that might well be copied by other nations which have endured a civil war.