Sri Lanka No Lanka Complaints About Human Rights

This weekend there will be a meeting in Sri Lanka which will be attended by Commonwealth Heads Of
Government folk who, most probably will be posing embarrassing questions to the head of Sri Lanka. The United Nations working group on disappearance of opposition people reports they have uncovered at least 5,676 cases of men and women who were taken by Sir Lanka police or Army from their homes and have yet to return to them-at least, alive. The civil war, a brutal one, and in which both sides engaged in brutality and horror, is over. Tamil rebels are treated as inferior inhabitants of the country and it is increasingly clear minority Muslims are also regarded as second class citizens. As one person told UN inspectors, “it is very hard to be a Muslim now, it is not safe.”

The government of Sri Lanka will not enjoy the meeting this weekend. It will be confronted by people who will pose questions as to why the current policy is revenge, rather than incorporating former enemies into society on an equal basis. One can devote energy to anger or one can devote energy to creating a healthy society in which horror of the past remains in the past.